A place where design
meets well-being
and freedom.

A place where design meets 
well-being and freedom.

I, Kimmy Ansems, am passionate about designing. At a young age I already started making things. All my life I have been sketching, painting, tinkering, building tree houses, etc. Industrial Design offered me the opportunity to continue making things. As a designer I am very open minded, because of my creative background. I like to experiment to find out new possibilities in order to reach my goal. This causes that within the design proces I tend to diverse more often than converse.

Dutch Design Week

Currently i’m displaying my graduation project Baboo at the Dutch Design Week 2014. Make sure to drop by! You can find me at ‘Mind the Step‘ expo in Klokgebouw (hal 4), Eindhoven.

Job Inquiries

I just graduated from my master Industrial Design. Now I’m in search of my dream job. I would love to work in healthcare, designing for well-being. For anything job-related, please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.